The Ultimate Bench Press Program
  To Add 30, 40,
Even 50 lbs
on your Bench
in Just 8 Short Weeks!

It's inevitable you WILL Be asked
"How Much Ya Bench?”

From: Rob King, MMA Gym Owner and fitness fanatic.

Dear Fellow Weight Trainer,

One dull day a few years back a scrawny 16 year old kid wanted to impress a girl...

He thinks his pigeon chested appearance won't win her heart so makes the uneasy decision to join a gym. He's scared. He's never been to a gym before...

And, as he nervously enters, the first thing he sees is a big Bad-Ass dude benching 3 plates a side... he counts the numbers. That's 315lbs!

Dumbfounded he thinks "it may as well be a thousand pounds because I'll never lift it"... But... he wants that girl!

So he edges over to the next bench wondering how strong he actually is and loads up only one plate per side... Still it looks damn heavy! He takes position and lifts the bar off - it nearly floors him but somehow he manages to get two reps.

TWO REPS - that's it! And he's finished...

But he doesn't give up.

He comes back the next day. Slowly he and the "Bad-Ass" dude whose name he learns is Darren, become firm friends.

Darren helps him out no end. And later the scrawny,

Pigeon Chested Kid Turns Into a
Powerhouse of a Man Who
Shucks 300lbs...

At his peak he benches: 225 lbs for 28 reps, 315 lbs for 15 and 405 for 4

My friend, this is a true story. I was that 16 year old kid and Darren really helped me. In fact he started me out on a lifelong obsession and yes I did get that girl. We dated for many happy years...

Now you could very well be a 16 year old kid wanting to impress a girl or you could simply want a more manly chest... or to build a little more self respect.

It doesn't matter what your reasons are or size now because I'm going to show you

How to Build a Bigger Bench
In the Shortest Time Humanly Possible
(Without pumping yourself full of dangerous steroids)

You see, I've been running a Mixed Martial Arts gym for over 10 years and have been inundated with requests for help to build bigger benches. The requests have been so many the only way to help everybody was to write a detailed book with full instructions.


 " It quickly helped me bringing my bench press numbers up..."

      "There are only a handful of professionals I trust in the fitness industry. Rob King is one of them. Rob and I have been friends for many years now and he's by far one of the most knowledgeable guy I know when it comes to training.

Bench Press always has been one of my weak points and we all know how important it is to build a big bench press in order to build a thick and muscular chest.

When Rob sent me his program, I was very surprised on how easy his principles were to implement in my workouts, no matter what your level is. It quickly helped me bringing my bench press numbers up, and consequently building a thicker chest, which is very important for a competitive bodybuilder like me.''

Dave Ruel, Author of the Anabolic Cooking Cookbook


It's in convenient pdf format so you can download it instantly and read it on any computer and...

As you flip through the pages you'll see how detailed it is. You'll understand how easy it is to follow the steps and become the strongest *you* possible.

You'll uncover all the secrets...

Starting with the anatomy and bio mechanics of the Bench Press. Through to Bench Press training strategies and the nutrition behind a bigger bench and, finally, maintaining your bench press after success.

Inside the 83 power packed pages...

You'll Discover

  • The reason the Bench Press is called the King of upper body movements
  • How to get an explosion of muscle building growth hormones that translate into bigger, stronger, more durable muscles
  • How training your bench rapidly develops all the other muscles in your body simultaneously - experience these results and you'll become a firm believer
  • How to dynamically develop the muscle groups that  rapidly drive the weight up on the bar
  • The synergists and stabilizers that you will stimulate to assist the target muscles thus building a stronger, more balanced power source inside your muscles
  • The single-handed most important factor for strength and LASTING size in your training routine
  • How to avoid the stoop shouldered "old man" look that bedevils many less well informed bench pressers
  • The defining feature of compound movements that produce better size and bigger strength increases - master these and the volume of weight you lift will astound you
  • A simple technique to build better muscle definition
  • How to place your feet when bench pressing to ensure a volcanic eruption of power through your body - once understood it will seem like you are pressing feathers instead of iron
  • The most important factor in your strength and muscle gain - ignore this and the results you get are going to be dismal at best
  • How to gather and channel the energy losses that rob others of spectacular strength gains
  • Why more is less and can actually see your lifting prowess go down
  • How to "disconnect" the muscles that will willfully try to step in and rob you of strength development while bench pressing
  • The secret to an effortless lift up that conserves all your power for the actual press
  • What to do to avoid debilitating injuries while weight training

 "...excellent guide for those looking to build a strong bench press..."

      "Build a Bigger Bench Press is
an excellent guide for those looking to build a strong bench press as
well as a lean, muscular physique characterized by powerful looking pecs."

-Bret Contreras

  • How to ensure the maximum amount of Oxygen is pumped directly into your muscles creating a power-force that will stun you
  • The sound that's sweet music to the brain and will supercharge your muscles
  • The psychological impact a trained spotter will have on your performance - ignore this and you will never realize your true power
  •  Where to put your hands on the bar to lift the maximum weight
  •  How to "adjust" a fixed position machine so it fits your particular body size - Warning! Miss this vital step and you'll sacrifice masses of strength development
  •  When to swap barbells for dumbbells and how they will build a stronger inner core
  • How to burst through the inevitable plateaus that always seem to kick in just as you are hitting your stride
  • The best sequence to train if you want to realize exceptional gains and develop a magnificent and more powerful chest
  • A simple routine that will build an iron strong core foundation of strength - don't ignore the advantage this will give you in your development
  • Why pushing as hard and heavy as you can can bring you negative gains and lead to serious injury - you'll uncover the wisdom in putting de-loading weeks into your routine and see a surge in strength and power after doing so
  • What an antagonistic superset is and how it benefits your muscular development
  • How light weights and a ball can give your body a surge of inner strength and result in flatter abs, neuromuscular development and increased bench press power
  • Detailed but "at-a-glance" easy to follow routines that take you all the way from beginner to advanced powerhouse bench press skills
  • A 3 day full body work out that will rocket you from beginner stage with a base foundation of strength - Warning the explosion in strength you will experience can be a little scary
  • Specialization workout programs that ensure a balanced development of your body
  • Why program hoppers never see the gains they want - follow the advice in this section and you'll be astonished with the really dramatic changes that take place in your development after two weeks
  • The fundamentals and building blocks of nutrition that will ensure super-sized muscles
  • How to ensure your body stays anabolic throughout the day and helps you ramp up your strength levels and muscle size
  • The fast acting food you need to replenish spent muscle glycogen and when to eat it for optimal results
  • Why overdoing it on vegetables can hamper your strength and muscle gains - you'll discover how to ensure you get enough of these vital nutrients yet still develop rock solid muscles that power you to new levels of strength

 "...helped me grow and build my muscles faster than ever before."

      "Build a Bigger Bench Press helped me grow and build my muscles faster than ever before. I never bothered with using a post workout shake. But now that I read the Shake book, I see I may have missed out on more muscle growth due to ignoring proper supplements.

Just check the books out you will find great tips which have been proven to work and are easy to do. I recommend these books... they just work."


- Daniel Martins
Austin, Texas


"...helped me get on the right track to building the biggest bench I have ever had."

      "I was researching building a bigger bench and came across this site. I am starting to lift more heavily and am concerned with proper pre and post-workout tips for muscle recovery/repair. I'm careful, as I know my goals are not the same as other men's goals. These books helped me get on the right track to building the biggest bench I have ever had. Thank you for putting this info out on the web."


- Mike Montahue
Seattle, Washington

  •  The food that many guys cut back on and so guarantees a drop in testosterone levels

  • Tips and tricks to take the pressure of meal preparation off of you - many ignore this sage advice and end up eating junk food to give their body fuel. This is like putting low grade gas into a high performance racing car - the results are dismal at best

  • Why spending top dollar on supplements can be akin to dumping your money into the can. You'll discover what give the best value and performance for your dollars

  • The different protein powders and when to take them to ensure stunning results

  • The safe supplement that is guaranteed to counter fatigue and prevent you faltering with your lifts

  • What you should take daily to reduce illness and the stress that high intensity training loads on your body

  • How to get a jump start on the recovery process after workouts

  • How to dramatically open up the blood vessels in the body so there is more oxygen moving into the muscle tissues

  • The most efficient regimen to maintain your bench press after success

  • What to drop and what to keep to ensure you keep your strength and muscle gains

  • The three vital components needed to guarantee spectacular results and a bigger bench press



"...helped me get on the right track to building the biggest bench I have ever had."

     "If you want to smash bigger weights up on the bench, then Build a Bigger Bench Press is a book you got to have. It gives you fantastic training programs and info that will increase your power and add muscle to your frame. Rob knows his stuff!"

- Andy Pratt
NL 2006 Provincial Body Building Champion


Clearly this is a comprehensive training guide that will ensure you optimize your strength and muscle gains while bench pressing. Why not order your copy of the "Full Bench Book" today and build a bench press to be proud of?

Refreshingly Affordable

Obviously you'd expect to pay a hefty sum for the amount of detail and useable knowledge inside this book. The section on nutrition alone is worth real dollars.

In fact my close associates advised me to charge $97 for the "Full Bench Book". However I didnt think it right to take this much money from your pocket so I considered $67 would be a fair price to charge.

Then I got to thinking how the economy is causing grief to many families so settled upon $47 as the best price. This clearly represents excellent value for money and puts the specialized knowledge in reach of almost every one who wants it.

And because this is a newly released volume, I need to gather marketing data. So I am running a series of tests to evaluate which methods reach the most people...

So to encourage you to take action and allow me to gather the data quicker I decided to drop the already low investment by a further $10.

This means if you are quick and order without delay you can obtain your copy of the "Full Bench Book" for the refreshingly affordable investment of:


Only $19.99

Obviously this is a wonderful bargain and can quickly propel you on to a better, stronger and much bigger bench. However I do need to warn you that as soon as I have sufficient data I will increase the price, and will do so without further warning.

So I strongly advise you to secure your copy today. You only need to invest $19.99 if you take action now.

And you agree it's always nice to get a little something extra with your order. So to supercharge your bench press results I am going to rush you not one, or two, but three valuable bonuses when you order today. These super bonuses are valued at $59.93 but are yours absolutely FREE today.

Secure Your Super Bonuses Now

Super Bonus #1 - 7 Hot Tips to a Better Bench (Value $19.95)

This is the perfect accompaniment to the "Full Bench Book" - it adds real value by expanding on the key points and adds refinements of it's own.

You'll discover:

   * The perfect placement of Bench pressing in your work out program - Bench press at the wrong stage and the results you get will be disappointing

   * How to dramatically ramp-up your results with Power Enhanced Breathing - this remarkable technique is privy to the top dogs but you will get the skinny firsthand

    * How to take the fear from lifting and really push yourself to the limit for maximum sustained results

     * Why you need to pre-fatigue the helper muscles before you bench press and how this will give you more satisfying results

    * A surefire way to boost your performance and reduce muscular soreness during your bench press workout

     * How to stimulate a burning sensation in your forearms and the positive meaning this signals to you - this tip alone can dramatically boost your results

    * Do you know when to back off from the bar? You will once you see the logic in this not-to-be-missed tip. Following this advice can add huge lbs to your bench press weight

Normally retailing for $19.95 this super book is instantly downloadable in pdf format so you can read it on any computer. And it's yours absolutely FREE today.

Super Bonus #2 - Anabolicious Post Workout Shakes (Value $19.99)

To assist your body replenish energy and begin repairs try one of these ten delicious shakes in your post work out period.

     *     Banana Bread Shake

     *     Strawberry Cheesecake Shake

     *     Pineapple Power Shake

     *     Ultimate Chocolate Lovers Shake

     *     Monster Cinnamon Roll

     *     Mean Turtle Shake

     *     Muscleberry Blast Shake

     *     French Vanillabolic

     *     Ultimate PBJ Shake

     *    Jacked Apple Pie

These flavorsome shakes are packed full of the exact nutrition your muscles and body need to ensure maximum muscle strength and growth post-workout. Instantly available as a pdf download so you can read it on any computer it retails at $19.99 but is yours absolutely FREE today.

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Super Bonus #3 - Turbulence Training for MeatHeads (Value $19.99)

The concise guide to short, high intensity workouts. This outstanding guide will show you how to really pile on the pressure and get those muscles growing - FAST!

It is instantly downloadable in pdf format so you can read it on any computer. It normally sells for $19.99 but is yours absolutely FREE today.

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And of course you don't want to run the risk of being ripped off by some charlatan who makes idle, unfounded claims...

Obviously you expect a guarantee on your investment and I won't let you down here either. Take a look at my

60 Day Unshakeable Guarantee

I guarantee the "Full Bench Book" will help you to really ramp up your Bench Press results.  You will be able to load-on the weights and pack super charged muscle onto your body.

You will feel more energized and stronger than ever when you follow the tips 'n tricks inside.

And you have a full 60 days to experience remarkable results firsthand. If, at any time and for any reason during 60 days from your purchase you don't get the results you expect simply ask for a refund.

Immediately I receive your request I will rush you a full 100% refund. We'll remain friends and the bonuses and book are yours to keep gratis.

Clearly this is a truly generous guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose, only muscle and strength to gain because the risk is all on me... I have to prove the "Full Bench Book" is worth every cent of your small investment.

Why not order today and put me to the test?


Build a BIGGER Bench Today and...
Get the Strength Physique and
RESPECT You Deserve

Yes Please Rob. I want to build a bigger bench starting today.

I have seen and am impressed with the detail and solid information inside the "Full Bench Book".

I love the gift of the three FREE bonus books worth $59.97 and am glad they are all instantly downloadable in pdf format. I won't have any trouble viewing them on any computer.

I love your generous 60 day no hassle guarantee and understand I have absolutely nothing to lose - the risk is all on you.

On that basis here is my
small investment of only $19.99

     *     I get: the "Full Bench Book" workout book

*     I get: the "7 Hot Tips to a Better Bench" book

*     I get: the "Anabolicious Post Workout Shakes" book

*     I get: the "Turbulence Training for MeatHeads" book

*     I get: 60 full days to experience remarkable strength, muscle and
         physique gains

Please rush me my download link.

(instant download PDF)

Can be read with Free Adobe Acrobat Reader

Yours to a bigger bench,

Rob King

  You have absolutely nothing to lose with my generous 100% of your money back guarantee. The sooner you get started the sooner you will see results. Why not secure your copy today?

Order Now

  Remember today's price of only $19.99 is a limited time marketing test. As soon as I collect sufficient data I will increase the price by 27%. If you return later you will have to pay $47. Why not secure your copy now and beat the increase?

  When you order today you get three fabulous bonus books worth $59.93 absolutely FREE. Why not order now while it's still fresh in your mind?

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I have also been involved in something called The Heavyweights Classic, one of the biggest bodybuilding shows in Atlantic Canada brining in some of the top names in the sport like 3 time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler!

My story, I actually dropped out of University when I started my Martial Arts Gym Business.

I was planning on majoring in business at the university but I figured 4 years of school would be a lot of time and I decided to learn all I could on my own!

The rest is history!

Rob King

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